Tuesday, October 18, 2011

White flag!

Ok people! I am tapping out!!!! I don't think the google group thing is doing what I want it to do either!!! Are you as sick of this as I am? Soooooooooooooooooooooo I am going to send a big ole group message letting you know when I update my blog.... so please put my gmail address in your contact list AND send me to your safe list so that my notices don't go to your trash....

For gmail users: Add me to your contacts by choosing contact tab to upper left corner under GMAIL logo and mail tab. it may take a second to load. Then press "new contact" button. fill in my name up top and email below and it will automatically save it Then the extra step for saving me to your safe list is.....

Look for the small underlined tab that says "Create a filter" next to the Search the Web button above your blue text box on your email account (top/center).
In the "From" box type jenrothjen@gmail.com and push next step
Choose "never send it to spam"
And you are done!

For Hotmail:
Add me to your contact list: From your Inbox page... scroll all the way to the bottom and look to the far left colum under Sign out of messenger. Click on contacts. Choose the "new" tab. Enter my information and push save.

Then to add to safe list: Top right corner under your name and sign out tab.... click on "options" button. Then click on "more options" Then under preventing Junk email click on safe and blocked senders. Then click on safe senders. Type my jenrothjen@gmail.com into the box and push add to my list. And you are done.

Not sure how to do it with other email servers... but you can search your site by using the help button to figure it out. I don't think just adding me to your contacts is enough though.... Hope it works for you!

Sorry folks. This may be the best I can do without having to pay for a program. Hugs!!! Jen

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