Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegetarianism anyone?

A day in Delhi:

Signs only seen in India

Well... maybe you would see this one in the South Bronx too. But there, if they catch you parking and you don't move fast enough, they'll break your arms too!

Delhi has a new metro!!! Sooo very exciting and easy to get around! Sexist or safety? You decide... but I'll take it!

INA Market

Tobi, this may be why everyone washes their rice 3xs here!!!

When I asked if I could take pictures of the slaughter area... one guy said yes... and all of a sudden a very angry guy started yelling "No!" I got a lot of dirty looks, then the glaring yelling man gave the gentleman that provided me permission a really hard time. When I anxiously said "no problem, no problem!" and started walking away, they called me back and let me take a picture of the live chicken only... it's too bad too, because I think I really could have converted a couple of you!!!! It also explained the smell I experienced when I first entered the market.

This guy wasn't afraid!

I really feel like I am back in India now!!!! Loving every minute of it! Glares and all! Until the next time : )


  1. Jen,

    You have some great images here. Keep posting, it's fun to travel vicariously thru your images.

    Kimmy and I tried skyping you today but did not reach you. Hopefully next time.

    Take care,


  2. I love your photos Jen. Thanks for posting them!

  3. What great pics, Jen! Yes, I hope your insights will help turn more people into vegetarians ...

    Where do you stay in Delhi? Have you met families, or do you have a hotel type of accommodation?