Friday, September 30, 2011

Why am I going?

Some people remember the 3 solid weeks of vertigo, the Delhi belly, the fall down a full flight of marble stairs, the cough that wouldn’t quit, the amoebic dysentery which has decorated my liver with fascinating cysts and clots, according to one doc, “like nothing I have ever seen!” They also recount the stories of extreme poverty, disfigured faces, filth and chaos and they ponder, “Why is it you want to return to India again?”  So as I prepare to get ready for this epic journey in subletting my apt., squaring up bills, leaving my job, calculating every penny I have to my name and as I begin to feel that pre-travel angst that tends to grab you even when you are overjoyed to be travelling afar, I begin to wonder myself… and it doesn’t take me much time to remember… I think pictures speak better than words.  (Plus I am actually practicing adding comments and photos to my blog!)

1 comment:

  1. Great job with your pics Jen. I will eagerly anticipate reading about your new adventures. You have a great style of writing so I'm definitely looking forward to your blog.