Saturday, December 10, 2011

Follow up photos

Hi all! I am in Nagpur, a transition town for me on my way to Anandwan Forest of Joy Center for people with leprosy  tomorrow. I am not sure if they will have a computer or not. I will be there for 3 weeks and then heading to my 30 day silent meditation retreat. So not sure how much contact I will be able to make in the next 2 months!!!! I am only 2 hours away from Anandwan... so rest assured that I am safe and sound even if you don't hear from me for a bit! I will try to make contact in between retreats at the very least if I can. Anandwan's email address is if you want to check it out more. I mentioned before in my Mrs Peacock blog some donation options around this holiday season. As I mentioned, I spent over 2 months at Sri Ram Ashram/orphanage and know the administrators intimately and feel 100% sure that any donation if you so desire... would go directly towards children's programs or immediate needs. There address is I do not know that about Anadwan yet, but from what I have heard it is also a smooth running program with excellent intentions and services provided! I am going to try and post a few more photos now and see what happens! Much love to you all! And happy holidays in case I don't speak with you!

Well it is always something...  I inserted the photos in 2 trials to be sure not to loose any. Smooth as ice the first time.... second try they inserted out of order, distorted and over to the side. So you may need to scroll to see them... and excuse the sequence. The village by motor bike did not download when the woman helped me to get photos on to this computer, but I think this is a great start!!!! Well worth the 2 + hours of trying to get them to download! Much love again! Jen

Best toy in the universe!

This potter uses a large stone wheel on a base. He starts it spinning by  using this stick. The wheel continues to spin and if it slows he starts it again. Within 15 minutes he made 3 perfect vessels including a perfectly fitting lid without measuring the opening or anything. He was amazing to watch! 

roof top kite flying

A little dark, but so cute! They wear the dark line under their eyes to make their eyes look bigger so that  they can take more in AND to protect them from the evil eye. For example, someone telling you that your baby is cute, could be taken as a bad omen because it could be coming from jealousy or with malice. (Couldn't remember if I explained that already)

Opium ritual. Strained several times through a camel hair filter and a goat hair filter (I think). Prayers  chanted and then the mixture is poured into another person's hand three times. Used at times of celebration, holidays and reconciliations.

Solar energized weavers hut so that they can work on their craft later into the evenings now.  Recently decorated for the holiday Diwali

Amazing loom and rapid hand work to produce beautiful masterpieces

Not so rapid hand work. Soooo much harder than it looks! 

Sitting peacefully at a park, then one brave child approaches, then another, then they call their family over and before you know it, you have a party! A regular wonderful occurrence. 

And you fall in love!

Meet Baballoo


Getting more comfortable

They bow down on all 4 legs for you to get on.... this is my friend Sheila getting on for the first time. It is quite intimidating at first! But after that it is pure joy!!!! This is Laloo. 

Being lead through the desert with our 11 year old and 15 year old guides. 

There were some sand dunes, but most of the territory was sand and brush.

End of a hard day's work. Needing a little dental work. 
dinner being prepared
An evening game with a stick created hours of fun! 
And of course the family chicken has to join in on the fun! 
Our home for the night. Note the stick. Our last instructions before the father of the family left us to ourselves in the desert were, "this is for if the dogs come.... whack them like this and they will go away." Comforting! As if the snakes and scorpions weren't enough to worry about! But no problems! 
The boys trying to wrap a turban on my head
Morning chai
A good bye smile
Note the bangles on the arms. Usually seen all the way down to the wrists. 
Shabbat dinner with about 25 people from Israel

The beautiful family we stayed with in the desert.


  1. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to share all these amazing pictures. Makes me want to hop on a plane and go there :) Jolly good luck with your retreat and further travels, and good luck with the dogs :)


  2. Thanks for sharing Jen. Great pics!
    Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas if we don't hear from you before then. :)

  3. Oh Jen, this post just made me smile. You are soooo in your element. I love seeing and hearing about your adventures. Love the desert pics and that you slept with a stick at your side to keep the "dogs" at bay. You rock girl! Lots of love, Sara and company!